The World NEEDS For You To

Create Your Very OWN Group Program

The GutCheck180 Group Program Training teaches you how to create, design, and implement your own group health coaching program. Learn how to impact thousands of lives and get your clients amazing results. Get ready to experience maximum impact and practice freedom.


Does this sound like you right now?

  • You want to make a bigger impact in the world without sacrificing your time freedom

  • You have specialized knowledge and unique skills that would benefit thousands of people but you don't have thousands of hours to spend

  • Your schedule is so busy that you can't grow your practice without adding more hours

  • You have great ideas on how to grow your practice but feel the technology side is too complex

  • ​You have dreamed of having a group program that gets amazing results with your clients that can even surpass what is possible in a traditional 1-on-1

    care model

  • You're interested in a program that requires minimal maintenance and can run evergreen for you

  • You're sick of feeling tired and burned-out trying to help lots of clients and are looking for a more strategic and intelligent solution

If you can relate to any of these, you are going to LOVE the EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT strategies and solutions you are going to learn in the GutCheck180 Group Program Training 


Dear  Freedom Practitioner,

My name is Dr. Ricky Brar, and I'm passionate about helping you increase your freedom, impact, income, and achieving a perfect life-practice balance.


As a functional health practitioner who has worked with over 1000 patients, I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed and burned-out. Just the thought of having to increase clinical hours any further and spend less time with my beautiful wife and son would make me want to quit.  


I now know there is a more efficient and effective way to help others...without sacrificing your time, health, or family life. 

I created the GutCheck180 Group Program Training to give you the knowledge and confidence to run your own group program and help your clients achieve amazing results.

This training will equip you with the skills to help people achieve their health goals in a fun, engaging, and effective way. Whether you are looking to grow your clinical practice or become a full-time freedom practitioner, this training can help you achieve the practice of your dreams.


I look forward to watching you transform into a freedom practitioner and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way!


Yours in Health,


Dr. Ricky Brar

Imagine Your Life Where:

    • You wake up fulfilled and energized every day knowing you have a system that allows you to help others achieve their health goals.

    • You get to leverage your time best and maximize your impact while spending more time doing the things you love like spending time with your family.

    • You get to build an online community of health seekers who inspire and motivate each other while raving about your program.

    • You combat practitioner burnout and stress by creating an ecosystem with tons of built-in support even with challenging cases.

    • You become a thought leader and authority in your specific niche and showcase your brilliance as you help a group navigate their way through your program.

    • You can go on that vacation and continue to serve your clients remotely, allowing you to live your dream freedom lifestyle

    • You don't have to repeat the same advice over and over as your program gives each member this information automatically.

    • You build confidence as you create the group program you have always dreamed of. 

    • ​Your clients get amazing results that they share with each other every single day.

    Do You Want To Experience 

    Results Like This? 

    The GutCheck180 Group Program Training™

    Learn to build your group program with a proven natural approach to help you improve your client's gut health, energy levels, and resilience all from the comfort of their home!




    Because my proprietary process empowers you to become a leader, mentor, and guide to health-seekers without investing hundreds of hours building the content and education from scratch.


    The GutCheck180 Program is a whole-body detox and mindset-optimization program designed to help people who have had unexplained gut and body issues. 


    It’s a simple to follow 5-phase supplement program combined with video education, online community, and direct weekly support in which people experience dramatic shifts in their health and mindset. 


    It's a rewarding, fulfilling, and effective approach to help your dearest clients experience amazing results. The program and training emphasizes what other programs miss - the correct sequencing of elimination of different types of  gut dysbiosis, environmental toxins, gut-brain axis imbalance issues, sleep mechanics, and other high-impact lifestyle factors. 

    The program provides you with all necessary presentation materials and video templates so there is no guess work in creating your own group program.

    The GutCheck180 Approach

    What makes this approach so effective?

    We focus on the 3 foundational pillars of health

    Here’s The Amazing Results People Are Getting With GutCheck180:



    Here’s What You’ll Get Out Of The Program: 

    • Freedom to practice where and when you want

    • Knowledge and skills to run a group program

    • Confidence to become a leader and mentor

    • Clinical pearls to create client breakthroughs

    • Reinvograted Energy and Excitement

    • ​Better control and leverage over your time

    • More confidence

    • More automation and less reliance on you

    • Amazing client results

    • Feel more peaceful and grateful

    • Ability to make the program your own

    • Become a master at creating content

    • Rapid program growth

    Do You Want Your Clients To Experience Results

    Like This?​

    I started with the Gut Check program about 6 months ago and the improvement in my gut symptoms has been nothing short of miraculous.  I was at the end of my rope, having tried several approaches, including the straight MD protocol.  Nothing helped until I met Dr. Ricky Brar.  He has a consistently supportive, non-judgmental and thoroughly knowledgeable approach. This, coupled with the CellCore supplements which he carefully monitors, has been instrumental in my improvement.  No question goes unanswered or is too much for him to tackle.  A year ago, struggling with symptoms of toxicity and an overburdened immune system, I thought there was no hope for me.  Now I feel my gut is repairing and I will be able to live a full life! 

    Thank you Dr. Brar!


    Sherry J.

    The GutCheck180 Group Program Training Includes: 

    Access to the FULL Group Program

    This is the exact program that clients receive and you get all content and modules as if you were a member of the program

    Editable Slideshow Templates

    To save you time, you get the exact slideshow templates used in the program that you can edit easily to make it your own

    Equipment Checklist

    Creating your own program requires minimal equipment and we cover each detail of what you need in the program

    Video Education on

    Advanced Supplement Protocol

    Learn the entire CellCore methodology that is the backbone of this group program

    Video Templates for

    Lifestyle Education

    Receive video templates to record your own lifestyle course. Topics include Mindset, Nutrition, Gut-Brain Axis, Breathing, Sleep, and more

    Webinar Template and

    Video Recording​

    Receive the exact slide show and video recording of the exact webinar used to attract the perfect motivated and empowered clients

    Downloadable Forms and Resources​

    Receive templates for forms used in the program such as an assessment form and the consent form

    LIFETIME Access to the Program

    and All Future Updates

    Lifetime access to the online program

    and all future updates




    100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm too busy to make a program, can I really do this?

    Can I copy your program exactly?

    Do I need to invest in lots of equipment to run my own group program?

    Is the supplement protocol difficult to learn and master?

    Does the program expire after a certain date?

    Can the information in this training be applied to different styles of group programs?

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